What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a technique that utilizes a framed, mesh screen in conjunction with an ink-blocking stencil to print an image on the desired surface. It is one of the most versatile methods in modern printing. It can be used to print onto a variety of materials including apparel, paper, metal, plastic, nylon, canvas, and even glass. When it comes to design, the sky's the limit with screen printing. Whether a design involves one color or twelve colors, the right combination of films, screens, and pressure during the printing process will lead to a flawless design every time.

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Our apparel screen printing services include:

  • Traditional Screen Printing
  • Vintage | Soft Hand | Nova Printing
  • Water-based | Discharge Printing
  • Jumbo | Oversized Printing (over 15" X 16" size)
  • Simulated Process
  • Full Color CMYK | PMS Match
  • Foil Press | Heat Press
  • Specialty Printing (metallic ink, glitter, puff, stretch additive, rhinestone applique, etc.)

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Specialty Services

  • Tag Printing

    If you have your own line of custom apparel and you want to remove those annoying, manufacturer labels in the seams of your custom printed t-shirts – we provide that service. Not only can manufacturer ‘tags’ be uncomfortable, they're promoting someone else's brand. We'll remove the manufacturer tags from your custom printed apparel and replace them with custom, screen printed tags. Not only are the screen printed tags more comfortable but they help you promote your brand in a professional, unique way.

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  • Folding & Poly-bagging

    Don’t like folding and packaging? Arena Imprints can fold and poly-bag your apparel for retail distribution. If you plan on shipping products individually, this is an excellent way to keep your custom apparel neat and clean while in storage. If you would like to provide size stickers, we'll apply those to your heat-sealed polypropylene bags as well.

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  • Custom Hang Tags

    Custom hang tags are another option to consider if you want to promote your brand. When you place your custom apparel order, let us know if you have your own tags that you'd like us to attach to your garment. If you don't, and you like the idea, we can design, print, and attach the tags.

Custom Hang Tags, Custom Tagging, Custom Tag Imprints
  • Custom Art & Graphic Design

    We have several incredibly talented, award-winning artists on our team, and they're always available to assist you. Whether you want to enhance an existing design, need help converting a design into a production-ready work of art, or have a need to create a new design from inception, we're here help. If you have an idea, we can bring it to life.

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At Arena Imprints, we’re not limited to screen printing, we handle embroidery too. Our experienced embroidery specialists are known for their high-quality work and impeccable attention-to-detail. We also provide digitizing services to ensure your image is ready to be stitched onto your desired surface. Whether your logo need is athletic wear, personalized business attire, hats, uniforms or promotional items – we can stitch it.